Striving for green, highly efficient and reliable space access, we provide innovative solutions in the field of space propulsion. Offering eco-friendly propellants and satellite technology products, we address unsolved problems, pursue excellence and support the global sustainable market.

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Top talents from the international aerospace market

Our team is focusing on engineering excellence. We are a small but highly specialized company. We aim to meet new challenges and increase efficiency in an economical approach to drive systems.

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We have a strong background in the development of space and defence-related products.

We develop small subsystems and entire propulsion systems in flight. Thanks to access to the latest research and development solutions, our products and services do great in space. Turning its attention to disruptive technologies and having a cost-orientated strategy, Thaliana Space identified areas where few-fold cost reductions can be made, hardly sacrificing system performance.

Green alternative for hydrazine

Our team offers unique know-how in producing and handling of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide (HTP). We believe this propellant will be leading in green satellite propulsion systems tomorrow. Having dozen years of experience with space-grade H2O2, we provide solid products together with valuable knowledge.

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