Highly concentrated, pure hydrogen peroxide

Our company is offering hydrogen peroxide with a concentrations raging from 80% up to even 99.99%. In our line-up, 98% HTP is dedicated for in-space propulsion systems, as a perfect solution providing stability and longevity without compromising the performance. For customers requiring large quantities of HTP for extended periods of time, Thaliana Space is offering lease of dedicated propulsion units, capable of in-house production of the hydrogen peroxide.

Modern Catalysts

Systems dedicated for all grades of HTP (80-99%) are in the company’s portfolio, providing almost instantaneous decomposition of the peroxide (within milliseconds). Hydrogen Peroxide can be decomposed with either temperature or dedicated catalyst. We can offer cutting-edge solutions, tailored to the needs of customers.

Green propulsion system

Thaliana Space is offering green propulsion system, based monopropellant thrusters utilizing 98% HTP, dedicated for small satellites operating at Low Earth Orbit. This solution provides capabilities for the platform to conduct orbital maneuvers and attitude control, as well as end-of-life deorbit.

Propellant 98% HTP
Wet mass < 25 kg
Dry Mass < 12 kg
Type Blowdown monopropellant
Total Impulse 14000 Ns
Nominal Thrust 4 x 1N
Thermal Control System Semi-passive
Size Envelope 380 x 380 x 380 [mm]
Propellant volume 9.63 L

Dedicated components for spacecraft propulsion systems

We deliver dedicated components for the spacecraft propulsion systems, including valves, tanks and thrusters. We have vast experience with mono- and bi-propellant propulsion units that utilize our extremely pure hydrogen peroxide. The performance of thrusters has been verified in laboratory environment, including vacuum chamber firings, where flawless operation exceeded predicted life-time.

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